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George Finlay Munro

When the call to arms sounded, two brothers from Edinburgh, Scotland answered the challenge.

Stephen R. Heal

“We went over, some six hundred odd strong and just had about two hundred fifty of us left,” he later wrote. “I lost most of my friends.”

Gordon Rutherford

"The next morning there was a triumphant march through the city and I was one of the lucky ones detailed to go.”

Kenneth Irvine Mitchell

During the war, he had a fear if starving to death in a trench or shell hole so he always carried around a stick of French bread and a tin of jam.

Richard William Mercer

“His children and grandchildren are only alive today because of this small miracle of this cigarette case.”

Sir Arthur William Currie

“Currie used … organization and covering support of all kinds to the maximum in order to ensure the lowering of the cost of lives.”

Hugh Cairns

“Hughie said he’d get fifty Germans for that” and added, “I don’t think he ever planned to come back after Abbie got killed.”

Agar Stewart Allan Masteron Adamson

He had a natural gift for command, and an innate respect for his men.

Archibald Glenlyon Campbell

...the 107th and other Canadian pioneer battalions worked amid mud, rain, and German shells to keep roads open.

Sir Edward Whipple Bancroft Morrison

He reported how impressed he was with the coolness of his gunners in engagements that cost the 1st Canadian Division a third of its 18,000 troops.

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