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Robert Lester Harper

Robert volunteered with a couple of pals in Edmonton on January 1, 1916, this despite being a married with a young child at home.

Howard Vincent Pickering

His gravesite is unknown, but his name is inscribed on the Menin Gate, South Face, Panel 30, Ypres Belgium.

Joseph Ernest Pagé

He must have been destined to return home to Knowlton and raise a family because two soldiers, one on each side of him, were killed.

Thomas Bower-Binns

In 1918 he was gassed, and suffered from its effects the rest of his life.

Viking Battalion

It was unusual for the Icelandic soldiers to be commissioned — only 3 percent of those who enlisted were named officers.

Thorarinn Finnbogason & Bjorn "Bud" Christianson

Arm in arm, Christianson carried the wounded soldier across the cacophony of mud away from the front, perhaps saving young Finnbogason's life.

John Oliver

In Arras, his unit was in the houses on one side of the street and the German soldiers were on the other side.

Colin Fraser Barron

“The remarkable dash and determination displayed by this N.C.O. in rushing the guns produced far-reaching results...”

William Fraser

At Passchendaele, the realities of trench warfare and constant artillery bombardments made road infrastructure for stretcher-bearers non-existent.

Dennis Colburn Draper

“He was a man who went among his men on the days when ill winds blew.”

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