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Jon Einarsson

Jon Einarsson’s body was never recovered. His name, with thousands of others, is inscribed on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres, Belgium.

Russel McBrien

“His mother never recovered from the news of his death. She had a lot of mental health issues.”

James Hester

Hester enlisted on June 10, 1915, lying about his age out of fear they would reject him for being too old.

Albert Cusworth Townsend

“It was only a small piece not much larger than the top of the little finger, but it must of cut an artery in the stomach.”

Carey Brothers

Benjamin Hayes Carey was the only brother who didn't come home.

Charles Sedore

He served as a private in the 19th Battalion and saw the front line action at Passchendaele, Ypres and Vimy Ridge.

Fred Rubidge

As Silent Night played, he told his family that Canadian and German troops sang that song from across their trenches one Christmas Eve at war.

Gillespie Brothers

Lieutenant-Colonel Robert raised the 226th Battalion and brought it to England, only to see it broken up.

Macfie Brothers

Roy, Arthur, and John Macfie

Michael J. Duggan

He was wounded several times, including at Passchendaele, and was awarded a War medal.

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