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Ernest Edward Boyce

He was put in charge of a POW near Amherst, Nova Scotia, likely due to his advanced age—he was fifty-years-old when the war ended in 1918.

Joseph Francis (Frank) MacDougall

Joseph MacDougall made it as far as England before he was sent back to Canada because of an injury he endured on the farm before enlisting.

Ernest Ellis Stoddard

Ernest had been hit by a shell in the head and neck and then buried under falling mud and debris.

Ernest Smith

He visited his parents in Port Hood to bring them news and consolation regarding his two brothers who had been killed three days apart in France.

Francis (Frank) Cuthbert Malcolm Cumming

A father of five, Francis Cuthbert Malcolm Cumming realized he wouldn’t make money from his crop, now demolished from a storm. So, he enlisted.

Jon Einarsson

Jon Einarsson’s body was never recovered. His name, with thousands of others, is inscribed on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres, Belgium.

Richmond Neilson

On 8 December 1917, Wellington Barracks along with half of Halifax was destroyed when two ships, one of them full of explosives collided.

Elderkin Brothers

William and Angus Elderkin

Hersey Southworth Smith

Hersey Southworth Smith died in combat at Ypres, June 10, 1916.

John George Hatch

Just 18 years old, standing nearly five and a half feet and weighing one hundred and fifty pounds, Hatch was keen to carry the fight to the Germans.

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