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William Duncan MacKenzie

He never made it overseas so he returned to Forest, Ontario, to open his own pharmacy after graduating from the University of Toronto in 1917.

Cecil Stapleton

Stapleton was one of 124,588 men who were conscripted under the Military Service Act of 1917.

Robert Percy Rogers

Because of his experience and the large number of recruits from the mines, Percy played a leading role in the formation of the 2nd Tunnelling Company.

Charles Irish

He ducked and a bullet from a German sniper zipped past him and stripped the bark off of a tree behind him.

Arnold Moses

“The Moses family had a large farm to run on the Six Nations reserve, and the absence of the three Moses brothers was a huge burden.”

Dewart Keir

“He had just started a job in Toronto and was engaged to be married when he was conscripted.”

Robert Munro

Becoming a soldier meant at least he would be cared for and there was the promise of sending money home.

Henry Schofield Rogers

In January 1916, he was assigned to special duties for the 3rd, 4th and 5th Army during the Battle of the Somme.

Welbourn Brothers

Frank joined the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles only to be captured by Germans and taken as a prisoner of war.

Albert (Ginger) Goodwin

Goodwin opposed World War I for political reasons: he believed that workers should not kill each other in economic wars.