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David Wells

Wells’s experience demonstrates the hostility towards conscientious objectors, particularly of non-traditional pacifist church backgrounds during WWI.

Frederick Joseph Stevenson

Credited with destroying three observation balloons and 18 enemy aircraft, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross...

Archibald Glenlyon Campbell

...the 107th and other Canadian pioneer battalions worked amid mud, rain, and German shells to keep roads open.

Georges Demeule

Four people were killed and at least 35 wounded. Fourteen-year-old Georges Demeule was one of the dead.

Robert Magill

He was immediately caught up in the crisis precipitated by the poor wheat crop of 1916 and the British demand for large quantities of Canadian grain.

Alfred Frank Mantle

"Everyone is now saying . . . that such indispensable men as Frank Mantle in a new land like Saskatchewan should not be permitted to enlist.”

Reginald John Godfrey Bateman

War, he said, “is the one supreme, the only entirely adequate test of a nation’s spiritual quality."

Charles James Townshend Stewart

He has the vitality of Hercules but remains normal by undermining operations, such as fifty cigarettes a day and the output of a whiskey factory.

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