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George Finlay Munro

When the call to arms sounded, two brothers from Edinburgh, Scotland answered the challenge.

David John Rutherford

He was serving as a gunner with the Canadian Field Artillery when he died of typhoid on January 18, 1918.

Duncan Brothers

He made a German plane land near British lines and the pilot was taken as a POW. “It was one of the most thrilling acts in Canadian aerial records."

Bruce Anderson Smith

He was transferred to 2nd Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops because of his skills with draft animals.

William George Barker

Few Canadians are aware that Barker was, and still is, Canada’s most decorated war hero.

Alan Arnett McLeod

He appears to have been popular because of his youth, his exuberance, and his proficiency as a pilot.

Helen “Nellie” Letitia Mooney (McClung)

"For the first time I knew I had the power of speech. I saw faces brighten, eyes glisten, and felt the atmosphere crackle with a new power."

Ernest Hermon Hawthorne

Before he enlisted on October 20, 1915, he graduated from the Manitoba Agricultural College and lectured at the Saskatchewan Agricultural College.

Winona Margaret Flett

Winona was one of eight women to be invited to occupy seats on the floor of the Legislative Assembly.

George Frederick Galt

Galt served in Ottawa for four years, refused remuneration for this work, and declined a knighthood.

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