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Thorarinn Finnbogason & Bjorn "Bud" Christianson

Arm in arm, Christianson carried the wounded soldier across the cacophony of mud away from the front, perhaps saving young Finnbogason's life.

Clair Addison Clendening

He golfed, hunted, and fished, and was at one time the president of the Manitoba Fish and Game Association.

Gerry Andrews

the Canada Food Board sponsored a nation-wide program to recruit high school students like Gerry Andrews as SOS for farm work.

Louis Boyer

At the time, Aboriginal people were banned from legions and Boyer was Metis.

Ida Collier

Ida Collier, from Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, was a prolific letter-writer and corresponded with many friends fighting in the Great War.

Frank and Murray Benner

“Murray has given his life, you have given a son. The first is not hard but the second is heartbreaking.”

Louis Victor Rutherford

A woman in Louis Victor Rutherford's hometown presented him with a white feather, a sign of cowardice, because he couldn’t enlist.

Alexander (Lex) Bayne Rutherford

“Oh mother of mine, I would give the world to be with you now. It’s so hard to say anything that would be of a comfort to you in a letter.”

Thomas Victor (Tod) Bayne Rutherford

He refused to be taken out of the fight until the reinforcements were sent up. By this time, it was too late. The sergeant died that day.

John “Jack” Notman Wemyss

He was determined to follow his brother into the army, so when he came before the recruiting officer in Winnipeg, he didn’t mention his disability.

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