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World War One in Winnipeg – Conscription

Canadians in Winnipeg opposed conscription and there was a good deal of resistance in the city.

Hidden Messages and Code Words

This article reveals the hidden messages in Bill Alldritt’s letters home that facilitated his escapes from POW camps.

The Curious Tale of Two Roy Browns

A case of mistaken identity dogged them throughout their flying careers—which one shot down the “Red Baron”?

Anti-War Poetry in Canadian Newspapers

An account of anti-war poetry found in Canadian newspapers at the beginning of the First World War.

Manna from Heaven

A YMCA Physical Director at Valcartier and Salisbury Plain.

Ralph Sausmarez Carey

“I didn't expect then that I would ever get back alive to my family so I wanted them to have a picture to remember me by.”

Sydney Earle Smith

A native of Port Hood Island Nova Scotia, Smith served in the No. 9 Siege Battery, fighting at Vimy Ridge, Passchendaele.

George Brockie Bannerman

As a stretcher-bearer, he certainly witnessed much human suffering. But it was the animals' pain that haunted him for years after the war.

William John Portree

“The horses came first but I think my grandfather needed the horses to help him heal from that dreadful war.”

Findlater John Charles Crang

Among the troops was 29-year-old Findlater John Charles Crang, who, before the fighting was over, would become a hero to his brothers-in-arms.

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