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Horace Heber Haney

“It’s great sport to watch for German rifle flashes at night and fire about five rounds rapid at them.”

Roy Spencer

He was dying in the mud when a soldier from his hometown recognized him and carried him more than a kilometer to the casualty clearing station.

Alan Arnett McLeod

He appears to have been popular because of his youth, his exuberance, and his proficiency as a pilot.

Sir Robert Laird Borden

After Borden suspended Laurier's naval program, the Senate retaliated by defeating his Naval Aid Bill. Two months later, the war began.

John Shiwak

Shiwak would impress all as an exceptional scout and marksman. One officer would call him the best sniper in the British army.

Winona Margaret Flett

Winona was one of eight women to be invited to occupy seats on the floor of the Legislative Assembly.

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