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Hugh Cairns

“Hughie said he’d get fifty Germans for that” and added, “I don’t think he ever planned to come back after Abbie got killed.”

Annie Foster

Annie received a notice saying her husband was killed in action on October 14, 1918, only three weeks before the Armistice.

Lawrence Mathews

Lawrence Mathews was a private with the 18th Battalion. He was killed in France on April 12, 1917.

Ernest Hermon Hawthorne

Before he enlisted on October 20, 1915, he graduated from the Manitoba Agricultural College and lectured at the Saskatchewan Agricultural College.

Alex Woodworth

He was wounded three times while manning a machine gun during a battle at Hill 62 in Belgium.

Yoichi Kamakura

Kamakura was killed in action on 26 Aug. 1917, the day after the end of the battle of Hill 70.

John Shiwak

Shiwak would impress all as an exceptional scout and marksman. One officer would call him the best sniper in the British army.

Cameron Dee Brant

Brant is believed to have been the first member of the Six Nations to enlist.

Cecil Bertram Whyte

“We were all extremely fond of your son. He was always the brightest spark in the squadron.”

Andrew Owen Kirk

Four months later, on April 9, 1915, he was punished for being “Unshaven on Parade.”

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