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William Warner

Warner taught his sister “Long Boy,” a song from the First World War, which was passed down to her children.

Arthur Livingston

“I had no feeling in them and was sure they had amputated both. I was thrilled when I saw them intact.”

Thomas Williston

The body was that of Thomas Williston, who died of his wounds while in a German POW camp.

William Fraser Stagg

It was a tragic end for the forty-two-year-old who witnessed all manner of adventures during his time in uniform.

Frank and Murray Benner

“Murray has given his life, you have given a son. The first is not hard but the second is heartbreaking.”

Bruce Poole

His death report indicates he was killed instantly by shrapnel in October 1918, exactly one month before the Armistice.

Alexander (Lex) Bayne Rutherford

“Oh mother of mine, I would give the world to be with you now. It’s so hard to say anything that would be of a comfort to you in a letter.”

Glenn Coapland

He was killed in action on April 9, 1917, during the attack at Vimy Ridge.

John McGregor

During the final advance at Vimy, McGregor was shot and evacuated April 11 to a clearing station, where he would succumb to his injuries the next day.

George Finlay Munro

When the call to arms sounded, two brothers from Edinburgh, Scotland answered the challenge.

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