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Rena Maude McLean

"This trip more than half our patients are amputation cases and would make you heartsick only they are so cheerful and happy themselves."

Henry Norwest

Norwest became the greatest sniper among the Canadian troops at the front, and possibly the best in the British forces.

Rankin Wheary

...his army service is a pattern for individual black infantry recruits and illustrates the experience of the many black soldiers who volunteered...

Stanley Wallace Rosevear

Described as a “very skilful and dashing fighter pilot,” he was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross...

Albert (Ginger) Goodwin

Goodwin opposed World War I for political reasons: he believed that workers should not kill each other in economic wars.

Malcolm Smith Mercer

Apart from showing his courage under fire, the battle was no test of Mercer’s ability in combat.

Louis James Lipsett

He earned credit for ordering men to urinate on handkerchiefs and cotton bandoliers as a basis for a primitive protection against German chlorine gas.

Duncan Sayre MacInnes

Faced with extraordinary demands for more and better aircraft and malicious attacks from superiors, an overworked MacInnes suffered a breakdown.

Okill Massey Learmonth

“He caught enemy bombs and threw them back. When he could no longer fight because of his wounds, he continued to instruct his junior officers.”

James Duffy

Duffy quickly made a name for himself among the sporting fraternity by placing second in the 1911 running of the Ward Marathon.

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