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Matthew Humphrey Archer

Archer earned the Military Medal for continuing to operate his Lewis Gun after the rest of his crew was either injured or killed at Vimy Ridge.

Reginald Heath

The youngest, Winnifred is about 12 to 15 months old. She was born April 2nd, 1915 and died in May 1919 of the Spanish Influenza.

Russel McBrien

“His mother never recovered from the news of his death. She had a lot of mental health issues.”

Robert Munro

Becoming a soldier meant at least he would be cared for and there was the promise of sending money home.

Thomas Edward Cross

“The big guns are making an awful noise, sending a few iron rations over to Fritz.”

Waller Family

Harry, Arthur, Robert, and Susan Butcher Waller.

Thomas A. Metheral: A lonely grave

Canadian officials had closed the case on Thomas in the 1950s, believing that all of his relatives were deceased.

Walter Hickmott

“She was 7 years old. She never saw him again, a memory she carried the rest of her life.”

Westminster Church Minuet Dance Group

The Westminster Church Minuet Dance Group performed in various festivals and concerts in the City of Winnipeg around the year 1916.

Elderkin Brothers

William and Angus Elderkin

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