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Peachland Canoe Team 1910

The Great War was soon to decimate the team, and many of them never returned.

Frank, Fred, and Albert Deacon

Of the six brothers, three joined the war effort while the other three William, Thomas and George stayed home and looked after the family farms.

Ernest Ellis Stoddard

Ernest had been hit by a shell in the head and neck and then buried under falling mud and debris.

Elias Howard Cross

Elias’s Howard Cross’s parents were especially distraught at his death, for they had earlier lost their eldest son, Thomas, a year earlier.

Ernest Henry Aldwinckle

“About four years [after my father died], I was still known as a war orphan.”

Ernest Smith

He visited his parents in Port Hood to bring them news and consolation regarding his two brothers who had been killed three days apart in France.

Francis (Frank) Cuthbert Malcolm Cumming

A father of five, Francis Cuthbert Malcolm Cumming realized he wouldn’t make money from his crop, now demolished from a storm. So, he enlisted.

Leslie Hale

“Money is so scarce here, as I only get twenty cents per day. The rest of our money is kept for us until we get back.”

Lomax Family

All three brothers were lost to the war.

Jon Einarsson

Jon Einarsson’s body was never recovered. His name, with thousands of others, is inscribed on the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres, Belgium.

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