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Fields of remembrance

The Great War is never far away in a region where thousands of Canadians sacrificed and are buried. Photo essay by Phil Koch.

The Yukon at War

The unquestioned zeal and commitment of Yukon men served to hasten the Territory’s decay — their departure strangled the Yukon economy.

Herbert Gardiner

Despite many plane crashes, Herbert Gardiner survived the Great War.

Lyell Campbell Spence

On March 7th, 1918 he was awarded the Military Cross for "gallantry and devotion to duty as a forward observation officer (FOO) during an attack."

James David Moses

Moses was a Delaware from the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve near Brantford, Ontario.

Lorne Lamont Saunders

He died on October 4, 1918 during the Battle of the Somme. He was 19 years old.

Arnold Davidson

“Here, though, I don't think they have as good a way as the Canucks. It takes two Englishmen to plough where in Canada it only takes one Canadian.”

Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith, also know as 'Sandy,' was killed in action in France September 2nd, 1918.

Edward Smith

Edward Smith was killed in action on September 5th, 1918, only 3 days after his brother Alexander.

Alan Rogers

In the afternoon, while leading a patrol, he was shot by sniper and killed.

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