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Herbert Lyth

He only talked about the war on November 11 and April 9 — Remembrance Day and the day the Battle of Vimy Ridge began.

John George Hatch

Just 18 years old, standing nearly five and a half feet and weighing one hundred and fifty pounds, Hatch was keen to carry the fight to the Germans.

John "Jack" Earl Hayden

He was the lucky one. The two men marching in front of him from his hometown of Huron County, Ontario died.

Rogers Brothers

Brothers Ernest “Ernie” or “Ern” Arthur Rogers and Richard “Dick” Charles Rogers were companions in life, at war and in death.

William James Martin

While repairing telephone wires during a bombardment at Lievin, he was instantly killed by a piece of an enemy high explosive shell.

George Leslie Scherer

He was awarded the Military Medal for staying in the fight after he was told to go back to the dressing station after being wounded in the hand.

Robert Frederic Hawke

He was ordered to go on duty, and told the Lieutenant that he had already “done my time,” and rolled over in his bivvy and went back to sleep.

Stanley Perrie

Stanley sustained multiple shrapnel wounds throughout his body as well as skull fracture to the base of his skull.

Carey Brothers

Benjamin Hayes Carey was the only brother who didn't come home.

Macfie Brothers

Roy, Arthur, and John Macfie

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