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Leslie Hale

“Money is so scarce here, as I only get twenty cents per day. The rest of our money is kept for us until we get back.”

Lomax Family

All three brothers were lost to the war.

Reginald Heath

The youngest, Winnifred is about 12 to 15 months old. She was born April 2nd, 1915 and died in May 1919 of the Spanish Influenza.

Thomas Edward Cross

“The big guns are making an awful noise, sending a few iron rations over to Fritz.”

Walter Hickmott

“She was 7 years old. She never saw him again, a memory she carried the rest of her life.”

Warner James Halstead

When he arrived home, his wife was dying from the Spanish Influenza. He nursed her, but she died which left him with seven children to care for.

George Henry Harrington

“I guess he papered the walls of the shed because he thought it was a good way to be surrounded by history while he was relaxing in the shed.”

Percy Bradshaw

“When they took the bullet out of his arm in the [hospital] they gave it to him and he kept it all his life. He always carried it in his wallet.”

Heber Rogers

Heber Rogers was hit fifteen times in the face by shrapnel, captured by German troops, and hauled to a POW camp.

Guy Dunmall

Guy worked as a photo engraver at The Telegram and even at war he pursued his passion for photography.

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