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Okill Massey Learmonth

“He caught enemy bombs and threw them back. When he could no longer fight because of his wounds, he continued to instruct his junior officers.”

Gordon Muriel Flowerdew

He had become a local hero in 1911 by helping to apprehend two robbers. It came as no surprise that he volunteered for service overseas.

Jean Brillant

He saw a machine-gun holding up his company’s left flank; he rushed and captured it himself and killed two machine-gunners.

Joseph Kaeble

Decorated with the Military Medal, he was also first French Canadian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest British distinction.

George Burdon McKean

Perhaps because of his size, and his aptitude, McKean was often assigned to scouting duties, creeping across no man’s land and reporting on the enemy.

Francis Thomas Lind

He became a symbol in Newfoundland of the soldier who could face discomfort and sacrifice with good humour.

Francis Clarence McGee

His accomplishment, then rarely seen at the highest level of hockey, heralded a new era. He averaged better than three goals a game.

Daniel Isaac Vernon Eaton

He had a promising career as an artillery officer, only to lose his life on the eve of Canada’s greatest military achievement of the Great War.

Augustine Emmanuel Lambert

The wear and tear of trench warfare had taken its toll and Lambert went out for two weeks with trench fever.

Charles James Townshend Stewart

He has the vitality of Hercules but remains normal by undermining operations, such as fifty cigarettes a day and the output of a whiskey factory.

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