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Attridge Brothers

Wilbert Lloyd Attridge lied about his age so he could fly with the Royal Flying Corp.

Harold Stephen Rolland

“He was considered something of a ‘rascal'... He loved a good joke and was merciless in his teasing of children.”

Howard Fielder Pledge

He certainly lied about his age to enlist, because a family photo dated October 26, 1915 shows him in uniform with the 36th Overseas Battery.

William Roy Ferguson

He was only fourteen-years-old when he enlisted from Toronto and served as a despatch driver with his battalion in the 48th Highlanders.

John Perry Murray

For John and others like him, the war was still seen as something of an adventure, as well as a duty to fulfill.

William Price

Sir William enlists the boy scouts of Quebec to act as messenger runners so he can quickly communicate with many groups throughout the port area.

George Chapman Stevens

"If you truly are ready to go to war then go outside and run around the block and age a year each time you do so.” That’s exactly what he did.

Abenezer "Aby" Evans

"He would hide under the bed nearly every time he heard a noise. He would think he was back on the battlefield."

George Dudley

George Dudley joined up on September 29, 1915, declaring his age to be “17 years 10 months.” In truth, he was still a few months away from turning 15.

Robert Mills

Mills was among the first test subjects of experimental research—called heliotherapy—intended to remedy his ailment that was considered incurable.

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