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James Duffy

Duffy quickly made a name for himself among the sporting fraternity by placing second in the 1911 running of the Ward Marathon.

George Taylor Richardson

He was aptly described as “a man who never gave a command he would not himself have executed willingly.”

Francis Clarence McGee

His accomplishment, then rarely seen at the highest level of hockey, heralded a new era. He averaged better than three goals a game.

Hedley John Goodyear

In his M.A. thesis, “Newfoundland and its political and commercial relation to Canada,” he argued that its future lay in a confederation with Canada.

Charles James Townshend Stewart

He has the vitality of Hercules but remains normal by undermining operations, such as fifty cigarettes a day and the output of a whiskey factory.

William Egerton Hodgins

Both of his sons also served with distinction in the war, and one, Frederick Owen, would die in 1924.

John Bernard (Don) Brophy

Brophy’s diary is one of only two known diaries written by Canadian airmen during the war, and the only one relating to the Western Front.

Gordon Charles Davidson

Had he lived, Davidson would no doubt have made significant contributions to Canadian – and most particularly British Columbian – historical writing.

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