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Ida Collier

Ida Collier, from Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, was a prolific letter-writer and corresponded with many friends fighting in the Great War.

Helen “Nellie” Letitia Mooney (McClung)

"For the first time I knew I had the power of speech. I saw faces brighten, eyes glisten, and felt the atmosphere crackle with a new power."

Annie Foster

Annie received a notice saying her husband was killed in action on October 14, 1918, only three weeks before the Armistice.

Wilhelmine Kate Dennis

For women in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, France symbolized not just romance, but opportunity.

Arthur Meighen

Meighen oversaw one of the government's main initiatives: a program to assist financially those veterans who wished to become farmers.

Winona Margaret Flett

Winona was one of eight women to be invited to occupy seats on the floor of the Legislative Assembly.

Laura Elizabeth McCully

What separated McCully from most suffragists was her ardent belief that women should have the right to serve in an auxiliary military force.

Marion Elizabeth Stinson

In September 1915 she donated her home for use as a convalescent hospital by returned soldiers from Hamilton.

Edna May Williston Best

She was arguably Nova Scotia’s most visible war worker and, among her generation, the Nova Scotian woman most committed to broad social action.

Rena Maude McLean

"This trip more than half our patients are amputation cases and would make you heartsick only they are so cheerful and happy themselves."

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