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Robert Munro

Becoming a soldier meant at least he would be cared for and there was the promise of sending money home.

Waller Family

Harry, Arthur, Robert, and Susan Butcher Waller.

Walter Hickmott

“She was 7 years old. She never saw him again, a memory she carried the rest of her life.”

Westminster Church Minuet Dance Group

The Westminster Church Minuet Dance Group performed in various festivals and concerts in the City of Winnipeg around the year 1916.

George Henry Harrington

“I guess he papered the walls of the shed because he thought it was a good way to be surrounded by history while he was relaxing in the shed.”

Tom Nowell

As a married man of age forty, he was considerably older than the typical recruit.

William Mitchell

“To Mrs. E. Mitchell … Deeply regret inform you 406357 Pte. William Mitchell, infantry, officially reported killed in action April 12th, 1917.”

Macfie Brothers

Roy, Arthur, and John Macfie

Irene and Gertrude McGillicuddy

When the United States entered the war in 1917, the sisters enlisted in the American military.

William Marshall Downey

William Marshall Downey was knocked down from a bomb that exploded nearby and thrown into a pile of bodies.

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