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Alexander Murray

She was left for three years to lament over the minutes leading up to the deaths of her sons.

Arthur Frederick Boniface and his wife Rose Rands

“My mother said that he could never become reconciled to the changing roles of women in society following the war.”


Do you know who this family is?

Ernest Henry Aldwinckle

“About four years [after my father died], I was still known as a war orphan.”

Ernie Barrett

At Vimy Ridge, Ernie Barrett suffered many wounds from an shell explosion, which buried him in debris for eight hours.

Leslie Hale

“Money is so scarce here, as I only get twenty cents per day. The rest of our money is kept for us until we get back.”

Lomax Family

All three brothers were lost to the war.

Timothy and Thomas Lowry

With so many men not returning, Tina Lowry counted her blessings when her husband Timothy came home from the Great War alive.

Kathleen Jones

“I’m afraid I’m a very poor sort of lover my dear. I can’t express all the beautiful things that are inside."

Reginald Heath

The youngest, Winnifred is about 12 to 15 months old. She was born April 2nd, 1915 and died in May 1919 of the Spanish Influenza.

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