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Christina Mary Watling

She was awarded the “Royal Red Cross”—a military decoration for “exceptional services in military nursing”—by King George V.

Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture

In 1914, racism drove Charlotte Edith Anderson Monture to pursue her training as a nurse in the United States.

George Stewart

“The lower half of the humerus was all blown to pieces. On Sept 16, 1916 the right arm was amputated.”

Guy Elton Dingle

When Guy was discharged he went to Toronto where he met and married Helen Doherty on July 19th 1922.

Herbert Rogers & Edith Jane

All Herbert Rogers wanted to do serve his country. But the Canadian army didn’t want him.

Martha Morkin

She was assisting a surgeon who was shot dead as he operated. Grief would have to wait; she had to finish the operation or risk losing the patient.

Mary Ellen Reynolds

Mary Ellen Reynolds of Port Hood, Nova Scotia, served as a nurse in the American Army.

Sarah Sterling Livingstone

In July 1916, at the age of 36, she joined the Canadian Army Medical Corp as a nursing sister.

Stephen Sullivan

As he recovered, he began dating a local woman, Mame Hawkins. Little did he know, it was the Mame's sister, Lillian, who was his true soul-mate.

Alec Aitken

Violet's father left for war before she was born, and was not too happy about sharing her mother when he returned.

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