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After 1918: From Chaos to Mackenzie King!

With the Great War came great social turmoil. Strange, then, how little things actually changed. By Michael Bliss

Feminists on the homefront

Post-war women went to work. They won the vote. Then they lost their way. By Charlotte Gray

The Polish connection

The rich history of Ontario’s Niagara-on-the-Lake includes a brief spell as a training ground for a Polish army-in-exile.

The July Drive

Newfoundlanders have their own unique way of remembering the Great War. By Dean F. Oliver.

The Yukon at War

The unquestioned zeal and commitment of Yukon men served to hasten the Territory’s decay — their departure strangled the Yukon economy.

Victory in the Kitchen

How homemakers in the twin cities of Fort William and Port Arthur coped with Canada-wide food control regulations imposed in 1917.

Anti-War Poetry in Canadian Newspapers

An account of anti-war poetry found in Canadian newspapers at the beginning of the First World War.

Local Responses to Canada’s Great War

Audio: Robert Rutherdale explores issues such as the demonization of enemy aliens, wartime philanthropy, and state authority and citizenship.

Exploring the Clash of Official and Vernacular Memory

The Great War in Brantford, Brant Country, and Six Nations.

Conscientious Objectors: Fitting Dissent into a Coming of Age Story

If we ignore the punishing of dissenters in the popular narrative, we also miss the later efforts to accommodate them.

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