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The Yukon at War

The unquestioned zeal and commitment of Yukon men served to hasten the Territory’s decay — their departure strangled the Yukon economy.

Joe Tillman

“The 2nd U.S. Engineers left on September 10th, 1917, sailing on board the R.M.S. Carpathia from New York and arrived in Halifax on September 12th."

Gordon Brett

Gordon Brett was the forty-eighth Canadian to enlist for naval service.

John Harding

Harding was a British sailor who in September 1916 abandoned the British Navy to join the Canadian Army.

John Henry McVittie

On December 6, while his ship was in port, the ships Mont-Blanc and Imo collided in the Halifax explosion.

Norman Hendrie Mitchell

Dr. Norman Mitchell of the Royal Canadian Navy poses before the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Egypt in this undated Great War-era photo.

Welbourn Brothers

Frank joined the 1st Canadian Mounted Rifles only to be captured by Germans and taken as a prisoner of war.

Sir Robert Laird Borden

After Borden suspended Laurier's naval program, the Senate retaliated by defeating his Naval Aid Bill. Two months later, the war began.

Henry Norman Bethune

In April, during the second battle of Ypres, he was wounded in his left leg by a shrapnel shell that exploded nearby.


With just two aging warships and only a third of the crew needed to man them, Canada was forced to quickly bring its navy up to par.