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Sexing Up Canada’s First World War

Sex work remains an understudied aspect of the First World War.

George Brockie Bannerman

As a stretcher-bearer, he certainly witnessed much human suffering. But it was the animals' pain that haunted him for years after the war.

Roy Craig

Roy was responsible for driving wagons of ammo to the front, and injured and dead soldiers to the rear.

William Sterling Lamb

It was the last one hundred days of war and stretcher-bearer William Sterling Lamb was laying dead under an overcoat

Percy John Kilburn

At age thirty-five Percy enlisted and he eventually became a stretcher-bearer.

Russel McBrien

“His mother never recovered from the news of his death. She had a lot of mental health issues.”

John Oliver

In Arras, his unit was in the houses on one side of the street and the German soldiers were on the other side.

William Fraser

At Passchendaele, the realities of trench warfare and constant artillery bombardments made road infrastructure for stretcher-bearers non-existent.

George William Wood

“Why did he mislead Maudie? I can think of a number of reasons. I wouldn’t want my family to worry.”

Lester Bowles “Mike” Pearson

Pearson went on to be leader of the Liberal party and the 14th prime minister of Canada.

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