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Henri Chassé

A soldier and a man of action, Henri Chassé preferred life in the trenches to the monotony of the barracks.

Cecil Bertram Whyte

“We were all extremely fond of your son. He was always the brightest spark in the squadron.”

Alexander Marsden White

He fought at Ypres and was caught in the first poisonous gas attack on April 22, 1915.

Andrew Owen Kirk

Four months later, on April 9, 1915, he was punished for being “Unshaven on Parade.”

Henry Norwest

Norwest became the greatest sniper among the Canadian troops at the front, and possibly the best in the British forces.

Agar Stewart Allan Masteron Adamson

He had a natural gift for command, and an innate respect for his men.

Harry Stephen Quigley

His experience in the trenches had left him in a state of depression, with a constant nervous tremor.

Archibald Glenlyon Campbell

...the 107th and other Canadian pioneer battalions worked amid mud, rain, and German shells to keep roads open.

Onésime Readman

Readman certainly fell prey to his ambition and his appetite for power and honours.

Malcolm Smith Mercer

Apart from showing his courage under fire, the battle was no test of Mercer’s ability in combat.

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